Social Media Management Deluxe Package


I create, schedule and share your content 7 times per week on


Price: AUD$999/per 4 weeks

*minimum 24 week contract

 I create, schedule and share your content 7 times per week on Facebook and Instagram plus 

I will create and schedule 7 stories per week on Facebook and Instagram

The Deluxe Package includes carefully curated captions and imagery, researched and targeted hashtags and Instagram Bio optimisation.

Plus, I’ll take care of Instagram engagement too! What is engagement? This is how we put the “social” into “social media”. By identifying your target audience, and then liking and commenting on their posts, reels, and stories, we can attract new followers and potential clients to your page! This package includes 6 hours of engagement per week on your Instagram account.

This plan includes a multi-platform custom social media strategy tailored to your business, a combination of daily posts and stories PLUS 6 hours of Instagram engagement each week!  I’ll craft the perfect custom social media strategy especially for YOUR business.

I’ll also create and schedule all your monthly content daily with a selection of posts, carousels, videos, stories, or reels.


  • Social media calendar: We will create a monthly calendar outlining the content to be posted on both Facebook and Instagram.
  • Content creation: We will design and create 49 custom graphics tailored to your brand's identity and target audience.
  • Stories creation: We will design and create 49 custom graphics tailored to your brand's identity and target audience.
  • Captions and hashtags: We will provide engaging captions and relevant hashtags for each post, including advanced hashtag research.
  • In-depth research: We will conduct comprehensive research on industry trends, competitor analysis, and audience demographics.
  • Posting: We will schedule and publish the content on Facebook and Instagram, optimising the timing for maximum reach and engagement.
  • Community engagement: We will actively engage with your audience, responding to comments and messages promptly and professionally.
  • Advanced analytics and insights: You will receive a detailed monthly report with advanced analytics, including audience demographics, post reach, engagement rate, 

BONUS: I will assess your website to ensure that your sales funnel is optimised to received traffic to it.

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